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  • Read the short narrative essays "No Rainbows, No Roses" and "The Barn"
  • Chose one of them and post a 200-400 word reflection responding to these questions:
    • How did you feel about the essay overall?
    • What sticks in your mind as most vivid about the narrative?
    • What writing techniques do you see the writer using to affect the reader emotionally?
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2 respond for the forum post.

  • Explain what you found meaningful or insightful in their posts
  • Build on and expand their insights or ideas about the writing
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    This essay is amazingly written. I honestly felt pretty emotional and felt as if I was a part of the story. The way the author portrays all the emotions the nurse feels and the extremely vivid descriptions that the author gives on how Mrs. Tranes fragile body lays on the hospital bed. Overall this essay really draws the reader in and keeps the attention because you really want to see how the story ends. "The head seems unusually large on a skeleton body" in opinion is the most vivid description that the author reveals to us throughout the whole story. The author uses very strong vivid descriptions, if these vivid descriptions were not used the story would be very mediocre and not grab the attention of the reader the way it did. The author describing in great detail gives readers that may have never experienced anything like this before a little insight on how the medical and health care world work and can really draw the readers attention due to the fact a lot of people do not have any past experience with death in this manner. The way the author expresses the loneliness of the dying Mrs. Tranes really brings a lot of emotion into the story because no one wants to die alone and Mrs. Thanes was no exception as she holds onto the nurses hand in her last moments.

    Hello Everyone, I chose to write my reflection on "No Rainbows, No Roses" by Beverly Dipo. Overall, the essay was written in a way that provokes the reader to have a strong emotional response. Not only is death a very sensitive subject in this country, but unless you are in health care, you really do not get to experience witnessing a stranger die. Dipo, the author, was able to write in a way that made you feel like you were also in the room with them. Dipo wrote very descriptively to appeal to your senses- as the reader I felt like I could imagine what death must smell and taste like in the air. As well as the feeling of very cold, thin skin and a weakened pulse. I could picture a very dark and bare hospital room, that looks like someone either already died since there were no flowers, pictures, etc. I think it was interesting that Dipo wrote that Mrs. Trane did not want her family to witness her dying. Mrs. Trane wanted to protect them or maybe she wanted to maintain some pride and not want anyone to see her in such a bad way. The most vivid description, in my opinion, was when the nurse explained how she could feel every vertebrae. It stuck out to me because that is when I imagine how extremely thin Mrs. Trane must have been. I think Dipo appealed to many different emotions: sadness, fear, loneliness. I do not think anyone wants to die alone so just the situation itself, without Mrs. Trane's family around, was really playing on the reader's emotions. The way Dipo describes Mrs. Trane's physical state definitely makes you pity her because no one wants to be in that position.

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