organizational change 58

NOTE: This is a discussion as well as two peer responses.


Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

Discuss what would be your strategy if you were called upon to be a change agent for your organization. How would you begin, gather information, and create buy-in for your ideas? How would you justify the business’ need for change?

Peer Discussions to Respond to:

In your response to your peers, offer an alternative approach based on your own leadership self-assessment. What would you do differently?

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Reply to at least 2 of your classmates with a minimum of 175 words. Be constructive and professional in your responses.


How would you begin, gather information, and create buy-in for your ideas?

  • If i were hired to be a change agent, I would gather data from the employees to see first what they feel could be better. In addition, i would review all the current processes of hiring, training and overall execution of business to see if there are gaps or discrepancies with the current ways. Once I was done reviewing the data that was collected, i would create a presentation of what I think could be beneficial for future successes and the processes I would suggest in order to implement any changes. I would review the strategies and why I feel these would be beneficial for the corporation.

How would you justify the business’ need for change?

  • Justifying the need for change would be supported by the data collected from the current employees and of the reviewing of processes. Any changes that are made would be implemented for a better structure and foundation for the business. With the changes, it translate to happier staff, longevity of employment and overall successes that currently aren't being met. With the presentation and data provided, I don't think it would be a matter of justifying the need for change, as they would have a clear visual of what is working, not working and what can be done for better future opportunity.


If I was called upon to be a change agent for my organization I would start by finding out what vision the head person wants. I would take my time and set meetings with the heads of each departments and workers and gather information. I would let everyone know that change is antithetic to sustainability. To create buy in fro my ideas I would create a team that would work with me. Building a team and establishing a plan can show my idea has internal support and help get it off the ground quicker. The way that I would justify the business need for change would be from technology. I would identify any new technology and more efficient and economical methods to perform work. I know that change can be hard for people. One thing that I will do is understand and respect the process of how decisions are made. Provide the information decision makers want in the manner they prefer it. Change agents for Corporate Sustainability (CS) play an important role for companies when integrating CS into their business activities. While change agents can be differentiated by their worldviews, little is known about the contextual factors influencing their success in supporting CS integration. (Van Den Berg, 2019)